After project management of the AI/CA process

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Conversational Automation (CA) Support

AI solutions are trained on data that reflects reality. The more data, the better the model can detect patterns in it. That being said, data is constantly changing and patterns are evolving. Thus, to get high performance and stay up-to-date, it is important to feed more data into the model. Models need to be retrained on new data to keep the performance stable or prevent it from slowly dropping. The Ciphix Support Centre maintains the model by monitoring the input and output data. AI Support guarantees continuously retraining of your model on the most recent examples. The Team will make sure retraining occurs with a certain frequency including all of the new data available. This improves the model's performance and keeps it healthy. The support team manages incidents, changes and can answer all your questions on the intelligent solution. You will receive access to a dashboard that provides powerful insights into your data, the model's features and prediction distribution.

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