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Public Sector
Finance en Accounting

RPA & CA helps a municipality with the processing of financial seizures

Every month a municipality processes hundreds of financial seizures by human hand. Our virtual assistant provides a solution that saves valuable time and increases employee- and customer satisfaction. By combining RPA and CA, one true virtual assistant is able to unite several tasks such as processing financial seizures, answering follow-up questions and aligning the way-of-working throughout a department.

2 months delivery time

Use case: Financial seizures processed by hand

At the Finance & Accounting department of a municipality, hundreds of financial seizures are processed every month. This process requires many steps and is still processed by human hand. On a daily basis, employees have to go through large Excel files to check data regarding names and addresses. Then the financial seizures are assessed; whether they are processed properly and which follow-up tasks and standard procedures are necessary.

The process is based on many repetitive and rule-based tasks which can be easily automated. It also requires a lot of process knowledge. As a result, relevant information and knowledge about the way-of-working is scattered across the department. Additionally, employees provide different answers to similar follow-up questions from clients.


Of effort automated


Hours saved annually


Error reduction

Our solution: A virtual assistant to help the human workforce

To automate the processing of financial seizures, a virtual assistant was created using RPA and CA technologies. Our goal was to create a virtual assistant that automates this process and aligns the process knowledge, follow-ups and way-of-working. This provides a more standardized way of working which is less sensitive to human error. Our virtual assistant was built to perform the following steps:

  • Review whether a financial seizure is handled properly
  • Determine the standard procedure for a specific target group
  • Detect whether the debt collector meets the requirements
  • Present the correct way-of-working

After deployment of our robot, over 80% of the process is automated and more than 320 hours are saved on a yearly basis. Our virtual assistant is able to centralise process knowledge and the way-of-working at this municipality. Due to the more standardised way of working, we achieved a 70% error reduction.

Our virtual assistant offers a solution that is effective, efficient and reliable. Workers can stop wasting time on processing financial seizures by hand and refocus on work that matters.


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