Ensuring on-time invoicing with a high-end RPA solution

Workers process hundreds of time sheets of all their seconded employees. Unmanageable peaks emerge when too many time sheets arrive on one day. We implemented an RPA solution to increase the processing speed of time sheets to ensure all peaks are handled in time.

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Use case

The finance department of a secondment company receives hundreds of time sheets of all their seconded employees on a weekly basis. These time sheets are processed manually. To ensure a healthy cash flow, workers have to invoice the time sheets the same day they arrive.

The processing of time sheets is very labor-intensive. Unmanageable peaks emerge when too many time sheets arrive on one day. The processing of these time sheets is a rule-based, repetitive and time-consuming task which makes RPA the perfect solution.

Applied technologies

Robotic Process Automation


Months to ROI


Hours saved annually


Of effort automated


Error reduction


Faster processing times

Our solution

We created an RPA solution that automates the processing of time sheets. Our goal was to fully automate the process and to ensure all peaks could be handled in time. Our robot is built to perform the following tasks:

  • Extract the time sheets from a web application
  • Add the time sheet information in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Generate the related invoices from Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Process these invoices back into the web application

The digital workforce is able to save 1 FTE per year, while ensuring in-time invoicing combined with a significant error reduction.

Our robot offers a solution that is effective, efficient and reliable. Workers can stop wasting time on manually checking time sheets and refocus on work that matters.

Integrated applications for this case

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