RPA Automates the Ad Hoc Invoice Creation process in SAP

A Finance & Accounting department receives many requests to create and manually process invoices. We offer an RPA solution that automates this ad hoc invoice creation flow by continuously checking for new invoices to be created in SAP. This results in faster processing times, error reduction and cost savings.

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Use case

The accounting department receives many requests from business departments to create and manually process invoices in SAP. Before the process starts, an employee checks if all required data is present in the request to create the invoice. If this is not the case, the business needs to enrich the request with all required invoice data. When the invoice is complete and has been processed in SAP, the employee sends the invoice to the customer by email.

This process is highly repetitive and time-consuming. A repetitive process that works with SAP and with email is a very good example for an RPA solution.

Applied technologies

Robotic Process Automation


Months ROI


Hours saved anually


Error reduction


Of effort automated


Days Order to Cash improvement

Our solution

We created a digital workforce using RPA technology to automate the processing of invoices. The process is started when employees submit Excel templates to the robot with the required data to create the invoice, such as client name, client code, activities to be invoiced, invoice amount and tax type. The robot then performs the following tasks:

  • Daily check for new invoice requests.
  • Processing the invoice in SAP, creating a new unique invoice number
  • Completing the invoice template in Word and exporting to PDF
  • Sending the invoice to the client through email

Our robot is able to automate 95% of the process and save over 750 hours on a yearly basis. Next to faster processing times, error reduction and cost savings did this RPA solution increase the employee moral significantly.

We offer a solution that is effective, efficient and reliable. Workers can stop wasting time on manually processing invoices and refocus on work that matters.

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