7th March

Dear Finance & Insurance Professionals,

Welcome to our online knowledge session focused on the latest advancements in intelligent document processing (IDP) with AI for the financial service industry. With the increasing volume and complexity of documents, many companies in the industry are turning to AI-based solutions to automate document processing and improve efficiency.

The main question is, how do we integrate this across departments, and what is the link between IDP and Hyperautomation?

In our knowledge session, we will take a deep-dive into these topics and two expert speakers will discuss real-world examples of two customer cases and share their insights on the future of IDP in the industry.

We look forward to having you join us for this informative and engaging event.

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11:00 – Start session, short introduction, Hyperautomation, IDP

11:15 – Client case 1

11:30 – Client case 2

11:45 – Q&A