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Technical Prerequisites & Onboarding teams

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Imagine going to a car showroom to consult with the dealer details about the price, size, colour and model of a new electric car, when you don’t have the means to plug it in and recharge it at home, or even anyone in your household that has a driving license.

This might seem a frivolous comparison but it illustrates the point – you may successfully convince decision takers and stakeholders in your organisation to buy into the automation program, but you also need the necessary technical infrastructure and collaborative support between the Automation and IT teams to make the project happen and support the scaling up of RPA within the organisation.

Our Ciphix Digital Workforce map helps clients understand what they need to have in place structurally in order to successfully operate the first RPA process. Key to this is the deployment of an Automation Hub – a single, central point within the organisation where the automation pipeline can be managed from start to finish and where individual staff members can suggest ideas for automations that can be turned into RPA robots that benefit everyone. This hub will also help define team roles and responsibilities as well as provide the correct setting for the processing and analysis of the X-Rays, not to mention acting as the nucleus for the Centre of Excellence further along the DWJ. 

Of course, in parallel with the task of defining the pilot process, it’s critical to ensure that an RPA platform is created that can be installed in the existing IT infrastructure but also allows for scaling of RPA once the DWJ enters the next phase. This platform must contain all the components needed for the development, production and delivery of the pilot – i.e.: that licenses and the DTAP environment are in place, and there has been an open briefing discussion with the IT security team to address their concerns about using an RPA robot to execute critical business processes and to get their support for the project. It’s important too to ensure that the Support Team is onboarded with the pilot process and the Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs) know how and when they can reach out to the Support Team.

All of this requires getting the IT department onside from the beginning because without them, it would be difficult to start and scale the RPA. At Ciphix we have years of experience in securing the collaboration of IT Teams by making them aware of the digital workforce strategy and objectives, as well as working closely with them to define and implement the technology infrastructure needed, in order to ensure that they become a trusted and enthusiastic companion along the pathway of the Digital Workforce Journey. 

Technical Prerequisites & Onboarding teams explained by Tamara

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