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Awareness and selection

There’s a famous and often overused Chinese proverb that says “A thousand mile journey starts with a single step”. For someone searching for the motivation to get up from the chair and begin significant changes in his or her life, this is doubtless true. But in the context of digital transformation of processes in a business environment, it is not. In fact, the journey starts long before the first step, at a stage where the project vision and goals are defined and a plan is laid out.

The same goes, of course, for all Ciphix Digital Workforce Journeys (DWJ). In most cases, it’s easy to see how the delivery of the pilot project – the first of the client’s business processes to be automated using RPA – can be considered as that ‘first single step’, but before it could happen, a lot of preparation and planning has been done which actually marks the true start of the journey. After all, a journey can’t be defined as such if you are just wandering aimlessly in any direction. You need a destination, the right equipment or transport for the terrain, and of course a guide and a good map to help you avoid getting lost on the way.

Equally, it’s difficult to know which way to go if you don’t know where you are starting from. That’s why the consulting phase of any Ciphix DWJ begins with a review of the client’s awareness of the automation technologies available and an overview of what RPA can offer their business in particular, in order to create a common understanding of RPA across the business. 

This is followed by what we like to call an ‘X-Ray’ to discover those processes that not only have the greatest potential for robotization but also can be used, as a pilot, to best show the true value of RPA within the organisation. This leads to the selection and subsequent delivery of that pilot process, and that ‘first simple step’ can finally be taken to enable the organisation to begin to experience the benefits of RPA.

But this consulting support during the ‘Start’ phase of the DWJ doesn’t stop once the pilot has been delivered. Now is the moment for the Ciphix team, or the client’s Automation team, or both, to leverage the success of the pilot scheme in order to ‘roadshow’ to the rest of the business’ stakeholders what RPA technology can offer, review the X-Ray to highlight any backlog of additional discovered processes and help define a solid business case for scaling up the automation program. All of these key consultations, irrespective of whether the client has chosen to manage the DWJ themselves, or outsource the entire journey to Ciphix, or opt for a hybrid service model, must be done in order to create a sponsor group that can engage and secure commitment towards the automation program’s objectives at all levels across the whole organisation.

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