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Automated procurement solutions powered by RPA

Balance supply and demand, build relationships, and more using RPA.


Automated Procurement solutions that move your business forward

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) streamlines the flow of goods on your supply-side to give you a competitive advantage on your demands-side.

How It works

An automated procurement process puts your company ahead of the curve.

With a high volume of detailed tasks to manage on a daily basis, supply chain and procurement teams face a number of obstacles to success. Companies across industries are concerned about inefficiencies within these processes, which present the risk of delays, errors, and negative supplier and customer experiences.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offers one solution for these and other common challenges. Automated supply chain management streamlines the flow of goods, shortens cycle times, and improves asset efficiency. The results? An advantage in the marketplace and stronger relationships with the people and businesses you serve.

The benefits of automating Automated procurement solutions powered by RPA tasks with Robotic Process Automation include:

Return on investment

RPA handles predictable, manual actions so that supply chain employees can concentrate on building business value more accurate.

Enhanced cycle time and agility

Automation reduces the lead-time between receiving a request from your customer and completing the delivery from your supplier.

Automate on top of your existing system

RPA can use tools like ERP and WMS in the same ways as humans can, improving workflows within your current system.


What Supply Chain & Procurement processes can you streamline with Ciphix?

Supply and demand balancing

Gather and merge data from a variety of sources such as customers, vendors, production, and sales, and easily share it with partners, customers, and logistics teams.

Vendor selection and procurement

Automatically communicate with, evaluate, and conduct credit checks on potential vendors.

Respond to order status inquiries

Recognize emails with customer inquiries about order status, determine shipment status, and send the correct reply.

Auto-extract information

Use RPA to automatically extract information from vendors, purchase orders, or other sources.

Procurement & Supply Chain

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