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Why use RPA to automate Information Technology?

Why use RPA to automate IT?

To successfully manage and resolve an ever-growing volume of requests, Information Technology (IT) teams require next-level tools. Luckily, many of the processes involved in IT are ideal candidates for automation, as they are repetitive and highly transactional—not to mention unrewarding for your employees.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables companies to streamline user setup, service desk issue handling, service monitoring, and other common IT operations. No longer overwhelmed by long queues or time-consuming manual tasks, IT professionals implementing RPA can accomplish more for less.

The benefits of automating High-impact RPA Solutions for IT Professionals tasks with Robotic Process Automation include:

Increased efficiency

RPA can perform actions immediately, resulting in shorter wait times and more effective request resolutions.

Reduced mean time to restore

Downtime IT events are no problem with RPA, which has a fast and accurate response and is not restricted to working hours.

A non-invasive solution

RPA is a low-risk technology that leverages your existing IT systems without disrupting or replacing them.


What IT processes can you automate with Ciphix?

User setup

Automatically add and configure users so that new employees can log into their computers, email, networks, and other tools.

Service desk issue handling

Categorize tickets and re-route to appropriate departments with high accuracy and efficiency.

Server monitoring

Automatically shut, reboot, reconfigure, and restart a wide variety of servers.

Password reset

Use RPA to verify user details and reset the password to unlock the account.

Routine maintenance

Conduct automated checks on servers, applications, and other systems to ensure they are functioning normally.

Information Technology

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