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Why use RPA to automate Human Resources?

Less paperwork. More people work.

Human Resources (HR) is one of the most essential parts of any business, yet it involves some of the least efficient workflows. Processes from recruiting to payroll still typically require manual, repetitive tasks that waste valuable time and expertise.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is ready to lighten the load. Our AI-powered robots mimic the actions of HR employees, increasing speed and accuracy around the clock. With automated recruitment systems, chatbots, and other RPA tools, your HR team can focus on meaningful work that truly enriches your organization.

The benefits of automating Looking for the best solution to automate HR? tasks with Robotic Process Automation include:

Return on investment

RPA handles repetitive daily tasks, creating more time for valuable HR programs such as learning and development.

24/7 availability

Your digital HR workforce is not restricted to working hours and can respond to employee requests right away.

Automate on top of your existing system

RPA adds new functionalities to HR systems such as SAP Succesfactors and Workday without altering them.


What HR processes can you automate with Ciphix?

Onboarding & offboarding

Hand administrative onboarding and offboarding tasks off to your digital workforce to reduce manual workload.


Automatically source and assess candidates for faster and more effective talent acquisition.

Payroll processing

Verify the consistency of payroll data by checking it against the data in the ERP system.

Travel & expense management

Compare individual expenses against rules and regulations from inside and outside the organization.

HR chatbots

Combine RPA with Conversational Automation (CA) to create an “intelligent,” user-friendly virtual assistant.

Human Resources

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