Customer Service

Automated customer support powered by RPA and AI

Improve customer experience using Robotic Process Automation


Automated customer support powered by RPA and AI

Improve user experience with our intelligent customer service automation.

Why use RPA to automate Customer Service?

Why use Intelligent Automation to automate Customer Service?

Customer satisfaction and loyalty have never been more critical to business success; however, inefficient processes often stand in their way. Despite the best efforts of your customer service agents, it is challenging to provide a consistently positive user experience when the volume of tasks exceeds the team’s capacity.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps companies better serve customers at many different touch-points, from welcoming new users to resolving post-sale complaints. Performing many of the same actions as human CS agents, RPA frees your team to do what they do best: actively strengthen your customer relationships.

The benefits of automating Automated customer support powered by RPA and AI tasks with Robotic Process Automation include:

Time and cost savings

Automating manual CS tasks drives efficiency and helps your team focus on enhancing the customer experience.

24/7 availability

Your digital agents are not restricted to working hours and can respond to customer requests right away.

Valuable insights

RPA avoids the errors that can arise in manual data entry, providing you with the most accurate information possible.


What Customer Service processes can you automate with Ciphix?

Routing customers to the right agents

Welcome users into your customer service pool and sort them into categories for different agents to address.

Resolving complaints

Automatically retrieve, organize, sort, and resolve complaints across various channels.

Daily operations

Let RPA handle standard processes like appointment scheduling, order modification, address changes, and password resets.

Personalized support

Combine RPA with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify and address customer concerns before they even arise.

Customer Service

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