1st of June, 2023
15:30 - 21:30
Padel City, Delft

Hyperautomate & Padel with Ciphix

“Hyperautomation has shifted from an option to a condition of survival” – Gartner

It’s time for inspiring sessions, a few rounds of padel and finish off with food & drinks and network with industry experts.

Whether you don’t know where to start your Hyperautomation journey or have already started – this event is a great opportunity to get inspired and learn more. In our breakout sessions we will take you along in our framework: The Digital Workforce Journey.

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The Event

What can you expect?


15:30 – 16:00 Welcome

16:00 – 16:50 Plenary session

17:00 – 17:45 Breakout sessions, round 1

18:10 – 18:55 Breakout sessions, round 2

19:00 – 21:30 Padel, Clinics, Food & Drinks, Networking

For details about the topics, scroll down!

Plenary Session

Marijn van de Poel will kick-off the event with a few words from Ciphix and tackle the still abstract concept of Hyperautomation, and explain why its actually very simple.


After this, we will hand over to our guest speaker; Job van den Berg. Job will take you through developments surrounding digitalisation, data, and AI which are progressing at lightning speed. Anyone wanting to build future-proof companies will have to innovate. We have seen the disruptive impact of generative AI – but whats next? And how does this relate to Hyperautomation? 

Breakout Sessions

      1. Inspire & Discover

The Inspire & Discover phase is the first step in the Hyperautomation Journey, where organisations identify opportunities across different departments and business processes beyond RPA’s rule-based automation – it’s time to think bigger, because technology allows us to do so. 

This initial phase involves assessing the current state of operations, evaluating the potential benefits of automation, and identifying areas where automation can bring the most value.

In this session you will gain insight into the Hyperautomation Spectrum and understand the evolution from task automation towards the transformation of business processes. This will be supported by use cases and real-life examples from our work together with Marel, presented by Sander de Glopper.

2. Analyse & Improve 

Analysis and optimisation of current processes is a key stage many automation projects tend to skip. But why is this phase so important? And if it’s so important, why do most projects skip it? 

Usually automations are implemented to solve a bottleneck in business processes. But what if there is a process beyond this bottleneck engrained deeper in a workflow? If you don’t dig deep, you won’t know what’s there. 

In this session we discuss and present the cruciality of analysis and optimisation of current processes to most effectively implement Hyperautomation solutions. An upcoming, yet proven approach in achieving this is process mining.

Process Mining is the essential compass for navigating today’s complex organisational landscapes, illuminating the path to streamlined workflows and empowered decision-making for sustainable success.

3. Hyperautomation Implementation

It’s time to think bigger and think beyond rule-based automations like RPA and start thinking Hyperautomation – where multiple technologies come together to revolutionise business processes on a bigger scale. 

In this session we will take you along the why, how and what of Hyperautomation. We’ll dive deeper into the technologies which construct Hyperutomation and support this with real-life client examples who will present their story and why they see Hyperautomation as a game changer for their business.


For whatever stage you are in in your Hyperautomation journey, there are suitable sessions for you to join!

Each breakout session will be held twice, which gives you the opportunity to attend two sessions of the Digital Workforce Journey.
4. Change, Governance & Lead

If you need a budget, you need to express the value of the investment. With Hyperautomation still being a somewhat vague term it can be hard to quantify the value of a Hyperautomation project. 

Not after this session it won’t! During this session we highlight the different stakeholders involved, from developers to Chief Technology Officers, and how to address the strategic, tactical and operational levels which need to be addressed. 

We discuss different methods in quantifying the value of Hyperautomation such as dashboarding and discuss tools you might already have in place within your organisation which can facilitate this.

How about a round of padel?

After all the serious talk we want to network the Ciphix-way. We have the padel courts rented until 22:00 with rackets and balls at your disposal. If the weather allows, we will have access to two extra courts outside.

Not an avid padeller? Don’t worry! There will be two clinics you can join where the basics will be taught.

Next to padel we will host other tech-related activities – stay tuned!


Food, drinks & chats

Absorbing information and exercise stirs up an appetite! Throughout the evening we will be serving a variety of food and drinks in the general area where we invite you to interact with each other and ask our experts anything.

Practical Matters

Ciphix clock time saving icon
Arrive on time!

Please arrive between 15:30-16:00. We appreciate a timely arrival so we can follow our program to ensure we have a good balance between the information sessions and enjoying padel and networking.


The venue is easy to reach by car with ample free parking available. By public transport you can walk (1km) from Station Delft Campus.

Ciphix happy employee jumping in the air
Bring your trainers!

We advise you to bring your sports shoes or trainers and sports clothes. Sweaty in a suit is also fine - we don't judge.