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Social Monitoring: analyzing article sentiment with the use of AI

It is difficult to act in time when negative articles or comments about your company are posted online. Ciphix offers an AI solution. The Social Monitoring procedure analyzes the sentiment of sources such as blogs, news articles or platforms of certain sectors, generated by a Google Search. The result is summarized in a report containing the source URLs and webpage-sentiment scores.

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Use case: Identifying negative comments by hand

The Relationship Management department of an unemployment benefits foundation tries to identify negative articles or comment threads about its foundation. Citizens make requests for additional unemployment benefits at the foundation. Granting a request follows a certain procedure. Not everyone is eligible for additional unemployment benefits. In addition, people think the process is rather difficult. This raises questions and sometimes even discontent. People often express their feelings about this process on the internet through news articles, social media platforms or blogs. There are plenty of positive comments about the foundation, but there are some negative articles as well. Unfortunately, not all buzz on the internet is positive. Not identifying these negative articles may results in negative escalation. As a result, it is hard for the foundation to give the complainants the support they need and thereby improve their own image.

Identifying negative comments in sources such as blogs or news articles is a repetitive and time consuming task. It is also difficult to act in time to resolve conflicts, as the process of identifying negative comment threads is slow. For this reason, we implemented an AI solution called Social Monitoring procedure. This procedure automatically analyzes the sentiment of sources such as blogs, news articles or platforms of certain sectors, generated by a Google Search.

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Our solution: AI as a Social Monitoring tool

Ciphix provided a social monitoring tool that acts as a kind of ‘hawk eye’ on the internet, looking out for related content. The tool uses the Google Search Engine to perform certain queries which range between certain periods. Next, our solution scrapes the content of the resulting websites. This content is analyzed, and the tool generates an overall document score between 0 and 1, as well as individual sentiment (positive, neutral and negative) percentages. The results are exported to an Excel-sheet and e-mailed to the foundation. And so, social monitoring by Ciphix ensures that a new hit or mention does not need to be read manually but provides the article sentiment automatically.

Our solution is built to take the following steps:

  • Performs queries in Google Search Engine twice a week
  • Scrapes content of resulting websites and analyze the content
  • Generates overall document score between 0 and 1
  • Generates individual sentiment (positive, neutral and negative) percentage
  • Sends e-mail with report (including source URLs and sentiment scores) to department

The process of analyzing sentiment of content is 100% automated. The Social Monitoring solution ensures the capturing of insights that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

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