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RPA performs Month End Closing of sales orders

The Month End Closing is a repetitive and manual task that recurs every month. Our RPA solution is able to perform all checks and complete all sales orders. It fully automates the monthly process and reduces monotonous the work of the business controllers.

3 weeks delivery time

Use case

At the Finance & Accounting department of a FMCG company, business controllers perform Month End Closing checks. To close the month, checks are performed to see whether the sales orders are fully delivered, invoiced and post-calculated. After all checks are performed and the sales order is ready to be completed, the billing plan of the order is adjusted and saved in SAP. Afterwards a report is created with all processed sales orders.

This process is highly repetitive and has a lengthy throughput time. This results in a high and dissatisfying workload for business controllers. This problem is an excellent opportunity for an RPA solution since the process entails repetitive and rule-based tasks.

Applied technologies

Robotic Process Automation


Months to ROI


Hours saved annually

100 %

Of effort automated


Error reduction

Our solution

To automate the Month End Closing checks, a digital workforce was created using RPA technology. Our goal was to fully automate the process and create a sustainable solution that is less sensitive to human error. When our RPA robot is triggered at the end of the month, it checks all sales orders until no sales orders are left. Our solution is built to perform the following steps:

  • Extracts BI reports containing data on sales orders from SAP Netweaver
  • Checks delivery status
  • Checks invoice status
  • Checks post-calculation status
  • Adjusts and saves billing plan in SAP
  • Sends email with report (including all checks) to business controllers

We were able to fully automate (100%) the process and save over 480 hours on a yearly base. All steps performed by the RPA robot do not need any human interference. As a result, we achieved an error reduction of 95%. But more important, monotonous work is taken away from the business controller, which increases their work-satisfaction.

Our RPA robot offers a solution that is effective, efficient and reliable. Business controllers can stop wasting time on Month End Closing checks and refocus on work that matters.

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