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RPA to correct wrongfully booked invoices in Oracle

Workers at the finance department often spend time on checking and correcting of wrongfully booked invoices. This is a repetitive, rule-based and time-consuming task. We offer an RPA solution that automates the handling of wrongfully booked invoices in Oracle. As a result, the amount of administrative work is reduced.

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Use case

Once in a while, a department receives a misplaced invoice. This department will reject this invoice and add a reason of rejection in the Oracle ERP Cloud software. In turn, the finance department has to check and correct these wrongfully booked invoices.

This checking and correcting of invoices is a repetitive, rule-based and time-consuming task, but makes an excellent case for a RPA solution.

Applied technologies

Robotic Process Automation


Months to ROI


Hours saved annually


Error reduction


Of effort automated

Our solution

We created a digital workforce using RPA technology to automate the process of correcting wrongfully booked invoices. Our goal was to create a standardized solution that is less sensitive to human error. The robot performs the following tasks in this process for each rejected invoice in the ERP-system:

  • Retrieve and read comment from rejected invoice
  • Change the booking number
  • Send performance report to process owner

Our robot is able to automate 60% of the process and save over 240 hours on a yearly basis. Next to error reduction, did this solution also increase the employee moral significantly.

We offer a solution that is effective, efficient and reliable. Workers can stop wasting time on manually correcting invoices and refocus on work that matters.

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