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RPA realizing real-time processing of mails in Microsoft Dynamics

A secondment company was looking for a solution that handles employee requests immediately, without constant monitoring the mailbox. We implemented an RPA solution realizing real-time processing of emails. We ensured a reduction of the cycle time of a new employee request to gain a competitive advantage.

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Use case

A secondment company has hundreds of employees detached at various customer organizations. Once in a while, an existing or potential customer organization makes a request for a new employee by mail. This request is send to multiple secondment companies in order to get an employee as quickly as possible. Our client was looking for a solution that handles employee requests immediately, without having an employee constantly monitor the mailbox.

This problem is an excellent opportunity for a RPA solution since the process is rule-based, repetitive and can be run in the background.

Applied technologies

Robotic Process Automation


Months to ROI


Hours saved annually


Faster processing times


Of effort automated

Our solution

A digital workforce was created using RPA technology to realize real-time processing of emails. Our goal was to fully automate the process without any human interference. Our robot is built to perform the following tasks:

  • Checks the mailbox constantly in a background process
  • Reads emails
  • Stores all relevant request into Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The robot is able to constantly monitor the mailbox and process each request much faster than an employee. This saves over 840 hours on a yearly basis. Our solution enables employees to focus on the more relevant tasks at hand.

Our RPA robot offers a solution that is effective, efficient and reliable. Workers can stop wasting time on manually checking emails and refocus on work that matters.

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