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Inter-company reconciliations at an international AgriFood organization

Each month, the inter-company account statements made by an international AgriFood organization and its customers are reconciled to check if they are in balance. When these statements do not match, an accrual is prepared to be made by a human operator and an email is sent to the customer asking for the correct invoice. Our RPA solution is able to automate this reconciliation process completely, freeing up valuable time of the business controllers and increasing employee satisfaction.

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Use case

An international AgriFood organization has many different companies where each company has its own and unique reference code. Each month, account statements made by this organization are reconciled to check if they are in balance. The process takes a list of company codes and partner entity codes as input which should be checked against each other. For each to-be-checked match, both the company code and the partner entity code are entered in SAP, after which an Excel sheet is downloaded. Both files have to be opened and checked whether the total amounts match. When both accounts match, a confirmation email is sent to the contact person of that customer account to confirm that the statements are in balance. In case the statements do not match, a human operator has to go through each line in the customer statement to check if they match with the vendor statement. These statements can consist of hundreds of rows. The missing line items are accrued to an Excel template which is later used to re-balance the statements. Also, each missing line item is also looked up in Basware. If the missing invoice is not in Basware, an email is sent through SAP to ask the customer for a copy of the invoice.

This process is extremely time consuming, repetitive and dissatisfying for the operators. When more than 50 line items are missing during the process, a human operator would be looking up 50 invoices in an application and sending up to 50 emails in a repetitive manner.

Applied technologies

Robotic Process Automation


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Human interference required

Our solution

We created an RPA solution that fully automates the process of inter-company reconciliations. First the business controller inputs an Excel file with all inter-company customers and their Trading Partner codes. After that, the robot must be triggered by a human operator. Deploying the robot reduces the workload of the business controllers, freeing up valuable time. Every month, precious time is saved that can be spent on more value adding tasks.

The robot is built to perform the following steps:

  • Retrieve & Read input Excel file
  • Download related customer- and vendor statements from SAP
  • Compare balances
  • Find all missing invoices
  • Search missing invoices in Basware
  • Send mail to customer through SAP
  • Report to business controller

Our robot is able to fully automate (100%) the process and save over 244 hours on a yearly basis. Business controllers and human operators now have more time for value adding work and are not wasting any more time on checking account statements and retrieving missing invoices.

Our robot offers a solution that is effective, efficient and reliable, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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