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RPA helps Accounts Payable to verify payments

Every day, employees from an Accounts Payable department need to verify payments above a certain threshold. This is a repetitive and time-consuming task. We offer an RPA solution that assists in the verification of payments in SAP. Now that the process is automated, the amount of administrative work of employees is reduced.

Use case

Every day, outgoing payments that exceed a €50.000 threshold have to be verified. An Accounts Payable employee generates a payment report from SAP. For each payment in this report, the employee searches for a matching PDF invoice in FuelPlus and another company specific application. The employee performs checks on the bank account numbers and other variables of both the payment report and the invoice.

This rule-based verification process is a repetitive and time-consuming task, making this case an excellent candidate for a RPA solution.

Applied technologies
3 weeks delivery time


Months to ROI


Hours saved anually


Increased number of checks


Faster execution time

Our solution

We created a digital workforce using RPA technology to automate the process of verifying payments. The unattended robot is scheduled to execute this task on a daily basis and starts his job at 06:00 AM. The robot then performs the following tasks:

  • Extract payment report from SAP
  • Search for PDF invoices in multiple applications that match outstanding payment
  • Save invoices to folder and write to process report

Our robot achieved an execution time that is 6 times faster than a human employee and is able save over 700 hours on a yearly basis. Now that the process is automated, the threshold of payment size for checks is lowered and thus a larger amount of payments is verified.

We offer a solution that is effective, efficient and reliable. Workers can stop wasting time on verifying payments and refocus on work that matters.

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