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Take the robot out of the human

Is your team overloaded with administrative and repetitive tasks? Take the robot out of the human! Robotise both simple and complex tasks with Ciphix.


Optimise your processes with three simple steps

Step 1

We start with an X-Ray. This is a format to evaluate and visualise the automation potential in your department. We inspire, identify and prioritise the uncovered potential and link this to a business case.

Step 2

Together we ensure that all preconditions and IT infrastructure are arranged. Ciphix relieves you of this process.

Step 3

We start building the first robot, engage all relevant stakeholders and celebrate successes together.

And then...

And then… As soon as the first robot is live the ball starts rolling: “If this robot can do this, surely he can also tackle…” These are the first steps towards a more efficient department and happier employees.

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Why leading companies work with us

Organisations are faced with the challenge of getting the best out of their people. Various technologies can help with this. By combining technologies from our toolbox, we are able to automate and take over activities. From simple tasks to complex processes. The result? We call it Hyperautomation.

The road to Hyperautomation requires the right knowledge and experience. Ciphix offers a solution by building its own Digital Workforce together with customers – consisting of software robots and smart algorithms. These digital colleagues not only prepare them for a new era, but also give them a huge head start against competition.

What Ciphix Offers

Straightforward Integration

We build low-code, non-intrusive robotic process solutions that fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. To achieve this we utilize leading software such as UiPath and Workato.

Speed of Implementation

Our highly efficient development methods enable rapid digital transformation. Our implementations are notably more efficient than traditional ERP, where an average implementation takes three weeks with an average return on investment of five months.

The Outcome of Hyperautomation

Creates a Mindset for the Future

At Ciphix, we Hyperautomate with a holistic approach. This means that we operate with an ‘automation-first’ mindset, and share this with you. The scope of our possibilities is the full value stream of your organisation. Not only does this reduce costs, employee efficiency and satisfaction is significantly improved across your organisation.

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Streamlined IT Initiatives

We see Hyperautomation technologies as complementary and as a toolkit to optimising ways of working. This means that all technologies are seen as complementary to each other and enable end-to-end automations.

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Disciplined Approach

Our structured approach to Hyperautomation is divided into four phases appointed to your organisation. We start with Inspiration & Discovery, then Analyse & Optimise current processes and product backlog, followed by the implementation of Hyperautomative Technologies and finalised by Leading, Governing & Continuous Change.

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